Destiny: The Taken King – Review Part 2

Uncertain First Steps into 2.0

I wasn’t sure if I would even purchase Taken King.  When it was announced I was immediately drawn to the Collector’s Edition.  It seemed like a great compliment to my Ghost Edition and I wanted to check out the Strange Coin.  Of course, since I already owned the game and first two expansions this seemed like a waste of money.  Like many, I felt that Bungie was focusing all the good editions on getting new players into the game while ignoring their existing player base.  Instant turn off.

Bungie’s marketing of Taken King was smart and impressive.  I received an email letting me know that if I completed a couple of achievement-like tasks before the release of the expansion I would get some bonuses.  I intended to log back in to play at some point, but never did.  Perhaps if some of those hadn’t been tied to the Crucible…  The customized trailer featuring your Guardian was also a cool touch, and I ended up preordering about a week before release.  I just picked up the basic option without any of the extras since I already owned the based game and other expansions.

I didn’t touch the game until the weekend following release, so I didn’t try 2.0 without the new content.  Nor did I experience server issues.  Once I logged in I received a couple of messages and some loot, including an exotic pulse rifle.  Cool.  Then what?  Initially I was unsure where to go to see what was new – I wanted to get my legs under me before diving straight into the new story missions, especially since the story from the last two expansions didn’t last long.  I also wanted to unlock my new subclass so I could level it as I played through the content.

I got a couple quests tied to my Voidwalker subclass and started working on them, thinking maybe I had to complete the quests for my existing subclasses before getting to the third.  Unfortunately, one of these quests was tied to the Crucible, as was another quest.  Fine, I’ll give it a go.

Simply put, while the Crucible is still not where I prefer to spend my time, it seems vastly improved and more fun than before.  I don’t know if this is due to rebalancing – seems like hand cannons are not the on-shot killers they were before – or due to improved matchmaking, but I found myself consistently in the middle of the pack in terms of my performance.   Although in 4 control matches my team never won…  All the same, I had a tough time completing the quest to get kills with specific abilities.

I looked around the Tower and found some small but noticeable changes.  Old upgrade items got replaced and there were no interactive boards for exotics, ships, and shaders which seemed to serve little purpose at the moment.  I found Xur and bought some exotic gauntlets for when I reached level 40 – hoping I would still have a reason to keep playing at that point.

Three things happened that pulled me back into the game:

First, the opening cinematic depicting an attack on the Dreadnaught.  Epic.

Second, I picked up a quest to hunt down Taken champions on Earth.

Third, I got the quest to unlock the Stormcaller subclass.


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